The maraboutic ritual of emotional return is akin to white magic. The method essentially involves performing rituals for a person so that he is bewitched (or uninvited)




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The Occult interventions practiced by the Marabout DJAFA Medium Medium never concern the medical field. It is possible to confuse the symptoms of a disease with the signs of an Occult Action. If you suspect to have or have a health problem, always consult your doctor and by no means a wizard or a psychic!

The acts of Voodoo (Medium Voyant Marabout DJAFA) are not in contradiction with any religion, dogne or belief.

Medium Seeing Marabout DJAFA reserves the right to refuse any intervention that does not conform to its own convictions or perceptions of your situation. Any consultation or occult action undertaken by DJAFA is protected by professional secrecy, and in no case the identity of the consultants is disclosed, as the subject of their request.



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